Is my psu enough for gtx560 ti??

Hello guys, I need a second opinion on this, I just got gtx560ti, and I really hope my PSU has enough power for it. What I have is Gigabyte SuperbPower 570w PSU, here is the link:

Rest of my PC specs:
CPU: i7 950
ASUS Sabertooth x58 motherboard
HDD: WD Caviar blue 500GB
RAM: Kingston HyperX blue DDR3 4GB x 2
LG DVD/RW, CPU cooler Contac29, and one Case 120mm fan.

Is it going to be enough, what do you think???

Please help! Smile
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  1. It is 80 Plus certified, so it should be enough for the computer.
  2. Yes, as far as power supply itself and 12v rails. It's fine, but it may not be the most reliable.
  3. Thanks guys, I was getting a bit nervous :D

    Thx for your help, hope it will work..
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