What do you guys do with broken graphics cards?

Hey community,

This is more of a conversation starter than a question, but what do you guys do with all of your used graphics cards? Like ones that are broken and do not work. I choose to display them on my desk, because they look really cool. I have an Asus GTX 260 896 and a reference HD6850 on display and they look really cool. I was just wondering what you guys do with yours?
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  1. Open them up and mess around with it, or e-recycle it.
  2. I've never had one.
  3. The warranty period is quite long and if possible I would return the graphics card under warranty. If the card is outside its warranty period I would check for and replace any faulty electrolytic capacitors. If I am unable to fix the card then it goes into my spares pile for components to fix other faulty graphics cards. (the fans are particularly useful)
  4. Do whatever I can to try to get it working again, then I normally do what you do, albeit on my wall xD got a 8800GTX, 9800GTX, GTX275, GTX460 and HD4870 and 4890, HD5970, HD6870... My overclocking skill is possibly not as good as it could be.
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