GTX 285 SLI and MW3

Ok guys, So unfortunately I am still running SLI 285s in my rig....They run fine and perfectly stable for everything but mw3.....what happens in mw3 is right after a map loads up I see the class screen for a second then the screen turns black and comes back on two seconds later back to where it was but SLI drops out. This causes a real annoying input lag and makes the game in my opinion completely unplayable. The thing is this is completely random and sometimes it plays fine for a few maps and sometimes it happens 5 times in a row forcing me to do a hard reboot bc once you try to exit mw3 the screen stays completely black and freezes. It makes for a guessing game when ever I run mw3 if its going to work or not. Also sometimes when it doesnt do that at the beginning of the level it will be playing fine and then randomly freeze go black and then come back on with sli dropped out. This is really annoying and makes the game unplayable. Has anyone else experienced this with any other setup or even with sli 285s? Has anyone figured out a way to fix this? I remember having a similar issue in mw2 and it was something with the engine didnt like 512 bit memory bus and to fix it you had to turn specular map resolution from very high to high. That doesnt seem to work in mw3
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  1. I would agree with recon, your better off upgrading to a single GPU configuration.
  2. well if I going to go the upgrade route I would just build a whole new rig....I am due I will give you that I have not sunk money into my pc since 2009 lol its been way too long (college happened) I was just wondering if anyone has had any luck with this setup but if not no biggie mw3 is not the greatest anyways...I am prolly going to build a new box before medal of honor warfighter comes out that looks good
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