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Hello, so I installed windows 7 while my satas were set to ide mode in the bios. My old HP computer had them set to raid. I have run into this odd issue where I installed windows in ide mode on my HDD but now windows wont show my SSD(which i got for games) when I right click the C drive it shows the SSD as being part of the HDD. Even in my Bios it shows my main drive as my OCZ SSD...wth? Anyways would switching to raid mode and then doing a windows repair fix anything? Or should i just switch it to raid mode unhook the SSD and then re install windows on my HDD(Which I have no problem doing but would like to avoid if possible)
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  1. Normally, you have to do a clean install when switching from IDE to AHCI/RAID. There is a workaround.

  2. Yea I just did a clean install and switched to ahci, or however is spelled, mode. Fixed my issue. I also unhooked my ssd during the install and then i found out that my ssd was hooked up to sata port 1 and my HDD was in sata port 2. swapped them and everything is fine. windows detected my ssd no problem and it still has my games on it =)
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