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Weird keyboard problem

December 10, 2012 4:24:55 AM

Sorry if I posted this at a wrong section cause I can't find any section for keyboard.Here's my situation:

I own a gaming keyboard[non mechanical] for quite some time and I decided to change to mechanical keyboard for myself and I gave my non mechanical keyboard to my bro[it's a USB type not P/S 2][ USB Legacy is also enabled in BIOS]

At first, the old keyboard was working perfectly on my bro's PC and after restarting it's still working good. Then all of sudden, when he's playing game, the keyboard just stopped working. So I try cleaning dust on the USB port and I tried it on my PC and my other PC and it doesn't work at all[Both my PC have tried using this keyboard before and now nothing was detected]. When I plugged it in, the computer doesn't even show loading light,as if nothing has been plugged.

What caused this problem and how can I solve it?? Is there anything such as spoilt chip in keyboard?

Btw, my bro PC and my other PC are just one year old and nothing went wrong before and my old keyboard I took care of it really good [ no banging on it etc ]

Thanks a lot! :) 

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