Which of 2 EVGA GTX 570 card deals to go with? Newegg or Amazon

OK, Newegg has screwed me out of a deal for the 3rd time in 8 days (building a rig through them is proving to be a hassle). So no longer have access to the ASUS DCII for $275. I've found one newegg deal, and one amazon deal, and I don't know how the two compare.

From Newegg is the GTX570 Superclocked 012-P3-1573-KR for $240 after codes and rebate. (this one is an extra 25 off on todays email deal, same daily deal that lost me the ASUS when they voided my order)

or from Amazon is the EVGA DoubleShot 012-P3-1577-KR for $250 after rebate (20 mail in in both cases)

By specs, they seem to be close enough, and for 10 bucks I'll grab the DS for cooling sake. Anyone have an opinion?
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  1. Oh, and the Asus DCii is back to 320. I CAN afford it, if it is worth the extra 60-80 bucks.
  2. If you're willing to spend the extra money, have you considered an HD 7870 or GTX 670?
  3. I actually had originally set up a 670 in the build, but this is for photo and video editing with Adobe (not so much for games), and since the 670 is TECHNICALLY unsupported for Premiere's MPE, the money ended up going into 32gb mem instead of 16. But I expect to upgrade the vid card in a coupe years as the first thing.

    Stock 570 gets pretty loud? Darn good to know. I am often dealing with whispers in my audio edits. i was initially more concerned with cooling the GPU (three comps blew due to GPU overheat back in the day), but if the 2 fan unit is quieter, that's a big brownie point in it's favor.
  4. Well if limited to those 2 cards, I'd say the one with 2 fans. But have you had a look at other multifan GTX 570s on newegg (Twin frozr, gigabtye 3 fan) That Asus is HUGE btw lol
  5. I had been advised to avoid "open case" cards for dust and airflow issues, otherwise that Gigabyte would be looking pretty good. I think I'm going for Amazon's DoubleShot 570, but I'm going to spend the night trying to sweet talk the wife into the extra 200 for the 670. Thanks all!
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