Substitute for the AMD e1 1200 apu dual core processor?

I have a ASUS Netbook AS X401U with an AMD E1-1200 APU..This processor performs far poor even at low end games given the 4 GB ram..and the Radeon 7310 graphics.. :fou:
My question is can I replace the processor with a new AMD one?will it be compatible with the motherboard?
I did search a bit and by initial estimates I cannot replace it with another one..

Is there anyone out there who can help me??!! :cry:
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  1. Dont bother trying to upgrade a netbook. The cpu and gpu are both crap for gaming, and generally netbooks are not designed for gaming.
  2. Unfortunately your APU is soldered to the motherboard and can not be replaced.
  3. Yeah, netbooks usually have embedded / BGA CPUs.
  4. Thanks guys..I figured so..I guess I will buy a new one.. :D
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