Sli in simple terms?

i have read the sli faq but that left me even more confused

could someone explain in english what sli would do with two of these
and what single nvida card out there would be better than two of them and why? (and if possible is there a card better then two of them that would work out cheaper?)

the computer i am building that might have two of them cards (or one of whatever is suggested as better/as good for cheaper) will be used for gaming, recording video of games (tera, wow, skyrim, ut3 etc) on the highest settings it can manage and rendering completely uncompressed video (at least i think its uncompressed... the sort of avi file that is 16 minutes long and 25gb in size running at 30fps cant remember the screen size... filmed with msi afterburner at 100% quality anyway)
it will also have an i7 2600k that i plan to overclock as much as i can (and then step it down a bit for reasons of stability and stuff) and this board

i just noticed this...
Multi-GPU Support

Supports AMD Quad-GPU CrossFireX™ Technology
Supports LucidLogix Virtu MVP Technology *1

it dosent say sli will it not support sli then? (if so as similar as possible and supporting sli i will now go and cry in a courner)
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  1. sli = ability to have two nvidia video cards in one motherboard working together to give you a better frame rate,

    It uses more power, generates more heat and creates more noise than a single video card.

    Looks like that motherboard doesn't support SLI. I would recommend getting a nvidia gtx 670 rather than two gtx 560's anyway.

    It supports crossfire which is the same idea as SLI but with AMD video cards
  2. Yeah seems you can only do Crossfire with AMD cards. I will never recommend SLI again after having 2 x 560ti's, a 670 is a much better option.
  3. i have found two gtx 670's one from asus one from msi
    the msi one has a higher core clock but the page fails to tell me how many cuda cores would the ammount of these cores stay the same across all gtx 670's?

    (the msi is cheaper as well and i do like the msi afterburner's recording software... on my current build it works better than fraps and hypercam 2)

    (oh and what psu would be recommended? 750 or 850? - going for the corsair gold certificate things on ebuyer)
  4. One GTX 670 perform better than 2 of a mid range card and cost you slightly less overall.

    By the time you need to run 2 high end cards such as the GTX 670 in sync (probably a few years), it will be time to upgrade anyway.
  5. just wondering is the gtx 670 one of nvidias kepler gpus?
    on overclockers and ebuyer it dosent say anything about kepler for any 670 680 or 690 cards (and i'm sure one of has to be kepler...)
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