Torn Between These Two Options

Hey guys, I had posted in a previous thread that I was looking for a $700 rig and I was glad to find so many great responses!
I have come to a crossroads, should I cheap out on the cpu and get a AMD Phenom II X4 965 but also get a 6950 2gb or should i get a 2500k and get a 6870?

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  1. give me your location, what you dont need, and do you overclock or crossfire/sli
  2. the better video card would be the 7850
  3. I don't plan on crossfire, I may overclock in the future, its a possibility
  4. this is what i would get. assuming you have windows
  5. I already have the rest of my build, i just needed advice on my question above
  6. X4 965+6950.

    The Phenom II's are still capable processors, and the 6950 represents a step up in terms of performance from the 6870.

    But the 7850 is the same price as the 6950 (in the US), so why not just get that?
  7. well of course the 7850 + 965 is a good choice. just putting it out there that i3 2120 beats phenom ii x4 965 in almost all games. just that you cant overclock
  8. The 7850 is around $60 more than the 6950, could you link me a site where it's the same price?
  9. rather cheap 7850

    you can also get a msi 7850 for even cheaper
  10. I was checking out Amazon because there is no sales tax where I live and Newegg does have a sales tax, I don't know if it will balance out
  11. Merueth said:

    while using a ton more power

    7850: 110w at 100% no overclock
    480: 270-290w at 100% no overclock
  12. The 6950 I wold get is 2gb, is that a factor to consider?
  13. The 7850 is $40 more on amazon. I'd say it's worth the trade-off in heat and power consumption.

    gavner said:
    The 6950 I wold get is 2gb, is that a factor to consider?

    Most games don't use that much VRAM at 1080p. The performance difference between the 2GB and 1GB version are about 2-5 FPS.
  14. The 7850 that was linked is the cheapest one available, I would feel more comfortable going with one that has high ratings
  15. Considering this 7870 is the same price as the more expensive 7850's after rebate...
  16. Im spending $220 max on the gpu so those won't work
  17. gavner said:
    Im spending $220 max on the gpu so those won't work

    GTX 480. Unless you have a low quality PSU.
  18. What psu should I get If i were to get the 6950?
  19. Bare minimum, a high quality 400 watt. Ideally you want a 500w PSU.
  20. The Sapphire HD69502GB is $200 before $10 rebate.

    What mobo are you going to use with the PhII 965?
  21. That'll do :lol:

    It's $165 at the Egg with code through 8/1.
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