Is thier enough power for this build?

hey everyone, i was continueing planning on a new build when i realised i may not have enough power for all this. s as such i thought id asked you what you think.
the extra cables are so it looks nice (im a bit annoying that way). can you please inform me of what power supplie if i need to increase.

PS. with the gpu if anyone can tell me what would be better for 3 monitor gaming, the 3 GPU's in the build or a or 3 2GB GTX 670's. thanks
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  1. Well you dont need 3x 7970. 2 Would be enough for 3 Monitor gaming . (only if you need everything cranked and 60+ fps),3329-7.html

    And if you go with 3 you need more W . They need 562W + on game peak. So add the other comp and you are high with W.

    I suggest getting (for more $ ofc) Seasonic X-Gold 850 / Xfx Core Pro 850.

    And the beast Corsair AX 860i (250$).
  2. While 850 watts would be enough, if you're going overboard and want a stable system I'd recommend a 1050+ watt PSU just to be on the safe side.

    Normally I'd only suggest 50 watts, or +25%, more than someone needs but in this case you might as well spend the extra for dollars and go for quality.
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