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I have a cooler master 912 case and I'm looking at the h100i water cooler but it may need modding to fit for what I see but some people say custom water cooling is better. How would that work because people always buy like 10 parts and somehow manage to fit them together and water cool their system. Is there any good setup for the AM3+ socket for water cooling (I don't like "modding" some things) so I can get my 8120 past 4.2GHz safely (I have the cooler master 812 right now).
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  1. Ok, first stop is the Watercooling sticky over in the Overclocking section,
    this will get you some ground knowledge on loops and there is a section on closedloop coolers like the H100 as well that you should read in there

    the 'many' parts you'll need can be broken down simply,
    a Pump to pump the water round the loop
    a block (One for each chip you wish to cool, Cpu,Gpu's etc)
    tubing to go between the parts
    two fittings for each component, one in, one out
    radiator/radiators (the radspace needed depends on what you are cooling)
    and most usually a reservoir,
    go over the sticky and you should start feeling a little easier about it all, and theres a few regulars here that will happily steer you in the right direction,
    but we won't just post a shopping list, that doesn't help you much in the long run, its better that we help you learn
    Kits are available to make things slightly easier for you but ask before spending ok, some brands are good, Xspc, Swiftech, some aren't, Thermalright,Zalman.
    please ask us before spending money on something that we'll groan at :)
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