Core i3-3220-> IGPU equals??

I want to know if i get a Core i3-3220 (ivy) that comes with an integrated HD2500 will it be enough to play online games (mmorpgs: tera, aion, raiderz, lineage GOD) at 1280x720 at high settings?

Or will i need a discrete card?
Note that online games aren't too demanding and that my resolution is rather low.

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  1. Not at high settings, even at low res.
  2. I doubt it since even a HD7750 is miles ahead the integrated.
  3. Didn't you just answer your own question?
    - You have almost no risk here, if the CPU isn't enough then get an add-in graphics card.
  4. OK.
    then i get that CPU anyway and play on normal settings.
    And save for a discrete card later.

    recommend mea discrete card for those games and resolution around 100 euros ?

  5. Look for a HD 7770.They provide very good performance and are probably within your budget.
    If you can't afford a HD 7770, then look for a HD 7750 or GTX 650.

    And by the way im sorry to dissapoint you but the performance of the HD 4000 is not nearly enough to play new games at their lowest settings and resolution with reasonable frame rates.
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