Fx 8350 cpu temps ?

Is it ok for my cpu tempature to be hitting 57C on full load (used prime 95 for 2 hours) didnt shut down.
CPU: 55C
MB temp. 32c
v-core 1 64c
v-core 2 54c
MB HT 41c
DRAM 37c
usb 3.0 01 43c
usb 3 3 o2 35c
pci 1 36c

on a sabertooth 990fx R2.0 temps coming from AI suite 2
cpu is clocked at 4344 mhz.
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  1. What voltage is that on?
    and what's your cooling solution?
    not bad temps though, certainly nothing to worry about
  2. That's fine.
  3. Not bad , what cpu cooler you using ?
  4. im using an h60 with push-pull

    +3.3V @ 1.296V
    +5V voltage @ 4.992V
    +12V voltage @ 12.097V
    +VDDA voltage @ 2.520V
    Vcore voltage @ 1.380V

    MY CPU is clocked at 4334 MHZ
    stock is 4044 MHZ

    I am using a Corsair AX 850 wattt fan never turns on never heard it never felt air pushing out of it.
  5. Yeah, vloltage is good there, its the cooler thats letting you down Jsuch as theres any weak link)
    But nothing to worry about
  6. I bought two corsair SP 120 mm fans and replaced them with the push-pull on the h60 (SP means Static pressure) when it was on max it got to 54C and 35C on idle. the fans are rated for 2350 rpm max.
  7. Its a little improvement, now, hows the rest of your cases airflow?
    tidy cables can assist in keeping a good flow of cooler air for your parts, and shouldn't be forgotten :)
    how many casefans do you have?
  8. well I only have 3 small fan cables around the cpu and power and data for cd drive and the cables for my power supply in the corner because I didn't want to strip the pins out and I have 1 200 mm on the top the 2 corsair fans on my water cooler and 2 120 mm fans blowing on the HDDs
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    if your using asus ai for the temps, your actually seeing the motherboard socket temp. Its usually ~10C higher than the internal cpu temp thats reported with amd overdrive.

    if thats the case, 57c is really good, internal is probably ~45ish.
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