What temperature should an i5 3750k be running

my i5 3750k is running at around 100 celcius at idle its using stock clock speed (3.4ghz) and the stock cooler

I havent installed any drivers for anything because I dont know where to find them (the i5 ones) and for my motherboard (ASRock Extreme 4) I dont know what one to download

Parts list
CPU: i5 3750k 3.4ghz
Heatsink: stock
Mobo: ASRock extreme 4
Psu: coolermaster silent pro 850w bronze
Case: Coolermaster 912 mid tower (2x120 in the front 1x120 on the side (intake) 1x120 in the back (exhaust))
Video car: Radeon HD 4550 (i dont know if its normal but that is running at 100°F)
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 2x4gb 1600mhz red
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  1. Make sure you have applied thermal paste and check that the cpu cooler has been put on correctly.
  2. ^^
    make sure cpu cooler is plugged in and check if it really is that temp manually
  3. It is pluged in and spins before it did go in sleep mode and nothign was spinning at all, could that have affected it?

    And its the pre applied thermal paste
  4. Did you remove the plastic film before you put the heatsink on? Are the pins solidly pushed into the motherboard? Can you move it around by hand at all?
  5. I have found the problem and fixed it, what happened was the cpu fan cord that wraps around the heatsink was tight and made it so the cpu fan couldn't spin I un-warped the cord and its running at half the temperature
  6. Anything under 72C for a CPU is fine.
    - You cannot compare the temperature of your CPU to one in a review as the ambient temperature in the review will be very different to your own system.
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