Need help in chosing a new power supply

Currently I have...
Processor: Intel Core i7 950 @3.07
Motherboard Stuff
Pegatron Corp.
Model: Truckee 1.03

Memory: 12G of DDR3
GPU: Radeon HD 4850
1TB Hard drive
250GB Hard drive
Card reader, bluray r/rw,and dvd r
Power Supply Model:HP AcBel API5PC57 460W

I wanted to upgrade to the Radeon HD 7850

What kind of power supply would I need?
and What is the difference between single rail and multi-rail...etc?
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  1. AMD specify as below:
    500W (or greater) power supply with one 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connector recommended
    600W power supply (or greater) with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connectors recommended for AMD CrossFire™ technology.
    You can get good brands like Corsair and Seasonic. They are more expensive that other brands with the same capacity but that is because they use good design & quality material for better performance & tolerance to overloading.

    For your case, I would recommend to prepare for the possibility of Crossfire in the future so please consider this:
  2. I'd suggest this one:

    It's cheap, comes from quality Corsair brand, has two 6-pin connectors, so it will easily be enough for future crossfire.
  3. Umm it's one of the best PSUs available but why would you spend so much on the power supply? Better save money and buy a better graphics card instead...
  4. randomkid said:

    The Corsair is single rail while the Antec us multi rail...
  5. It does not really matter... Having multi rail does not make the Antec better than Corsair... Perhaps this will be useful:
    I quote:
    "The bottom line is, for 99% of the folks out there single vs. multiple +12V rails is a NON ISSUE. It's something that has been hyped up by marketing folks on BOTH SIDES of the fence. Too often we see mis-prioritized requests for PSU advice: Asking "what single +12V rail PSU should I get" when the person isn't even running SLI! Unless you're running a plethora of Peltiers in your machine, it should be a non-issue assuming that the PSU has all of the connectors your machine requires and there are no need for "splitters"."
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