Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued

man i have no idea what in the world is goin on... ive Rolled back updated, disable stuff unstalled stuff.. checked my hd's for error's. i have done everything... i have no raid drivers on my pc.. bios is updated...then i get this

This device has been removed from the system.

Device: \Device\RaidPort0
Model: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223F
Firmware Version: SB00
Serial Number:
Port: 1

all from nvstor32.. yeah it lock's my system up to..
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  1. exit2dos said:

    i have no raid driver's at all .. just NV sata driver's
  2. Oh my lord. I was having this exact same problem. Getting ridiculous freezing while accessing the harddrive, aka installing programs, downloading files, transferring files, etc. Sometimes my computer would freeze for over 15 minutes. I RMAed my intel 330 120GB SSD. I did a full RAM test with memtestx86, I tested my old and new hard drives with CrystalDiskMark. This also included installing a brand new copy of Windows 7 ultimate. Nothing. No problems. Still freezing. Many forums say it is a driver problem or raid controller problem, so I messed with my drivers for god knows how long with no progress.

    Finally, after countless hours of research, I realized I installed my anti-virus software, Ad-Aware on both SSDs. This was a stroke of genius, because for some reason I got a permission access error when trying to download a file. Chrome said it was probably my anti-virus. Boom. Uninstalled. Everything working perfectly now.

    Sometimes I wonder how useful anti-virus programs are. The majority of the time they seem to cause more trouble than they're worth.
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