AMD A10 5800k or AMD FX 8350

i live in india and am planning to buy a system.. i'll be using softwares likes Photoshop, 3ds max, maya and the likes with occasional gaming... i've done some research and now i cant decide whether to get the 5800k or the fx8350.
the config i've thought of is:
1) AMD A10 5800K with ASRock FM2A85X Extreme 6 with 8gb ram.
2) AMD FX8350 with ASUS M5A88-M with 8gb ram.
and a 2GB GFX card sometime within the next 2 months.
i'm kinda tight on budget.
can u guys give your opinion about the configs and maybe if possible suggest something better and powerful than what i've mentioned.
it'd be a great help...
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  1. The A10 and FX aren't rivals. For your use get the FX and a HD7770 IMO.
  2. Thanks for ur suggestion.. Some more from more people wud help me out a bit more..
  3. i personally would say get the fx and whats the budget on graphics card? try and go for a hd6950 i believe they are cheaper than 7770 and perform better? anyway let me know how much you have to spend on graphics card, and you dont really need a 2gb one its not about the size its about the amount of shaders and clock speed of the card.
  4. i'll probably buy the GFX card a lil later, maybe after a month or two... for now i only want to buy 3 things... Processor, motherboard and RAM. i cant figure out whether to get the A10 5800k or the FX8350.. and if i do get either i dono which motherboard wud do justice to the processors and also fit in my budget line....
  5. well without a gpu the fx isnt going to do a thing. It doesnt have one built in like the A10 does. Since you'll need to buy a gpu for the a10 to game on anyways because its built in one is really low end you might as well get the fx and buy everything all at once when you can afford it.
  6. I'm building a computer for Christmas this year:

    ASRock ext 6
    16 GB RAM

    This machine will be able to play all current games at 1600 x 900 at good speeds. I was on a tight budget and this will be the family computer. Here's why I went with the 5800k and ASRock:

    1. This is a 2-3 year solution without a dedicated GPU for budget reasons.
    2. I will be able to overclock a little if req'd.

    This computer is the best solution I could come up with on my budget. The A-10 5800k is the best APU on the market.

    Good Luck with your build!
  7. Almost forgot. Go to and look at the reviews for the 5800k. There are A LOT of people using the 5800k. It's a great budget chip.
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