i have just purchased a gigabyte 78lmt-usb3 and a amd buldozer fx6100 with 16gig of ram but the mboard as a 8pin power connector but my psu only as a 4 pin connector i also have a asus hd 5770 gpu My power supply is a 600w evo labs switching power supply E-600BR WOULD an adaptor be ok please HELP.
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  1. You can try adapter and see if it works...but I would consider getting better PSU.
  2. for the record. You can run a motherboard with just the 24 pin and just one 4 pin. you don't have to have a 8 pin power connector although i recommend it if your going to overclock. which that cpu is high on wattage so you might want a Power Supply with a 8pin
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