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Hello guys. I am planning on buying an HP desktop and switching out the GPU and PSU for gaming. This desktop will be used for gaming a good bit. (bf3, skyrim). I cannot build a computer due to my folks. Now, I am on a fairly strict budget, and can only upgrade the CPU from a Intel Core i5-2320 to a Intel Core i5-2400 (+$50), OR I can upgrade the RAM from 6gb to 8gb (+$60 - the system has a deal that makes the 6gb free, so thats why 8gb is an added 60.) Which would it be more beneficial to upgrade as far as gaming? Would it really be worth it to break the budget and up both? Thanks. Heres the link:

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  1. What is the budget, you may be able to do better by NOT going to hp for a gaming build
  2. Around $1200, but I can't build it, even though I know I would be getting probably much better. (parents won't let me build.)

    Edit: If I bought RAM from newegg or something, wouldn't I be able to add it to the 6gb that comes with the comp., enabling me to have a much higher amount of Ram for less than if I bought it from HP?
  3. If your planning on buying a pre-built HP and upgrade both the gpu and psu from the get go with the intentions of using it for gaming then your doing yourself an injustice. You would have a far better gaming experience building your own. How much does the HP cost and what are the specs? How about a link to the desktop you are planning to buy.
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  5. upgrade neither. ram is more than enough. upgrading the CPU will offer a performance boost, but i suggest you save it up for later as you may need a new case as well in the scenario that your GPU/PSU may not fit, or that the internal temps are not to your liking.

    worst-case scenario; based on my bad experience with HP desktops, something may break in the long run, especially if temps are going to be high, or during the process of installing the GPU&PSU. realize that opening the PC may void your warranty, (assuming you're doing this on your own).

    while i do understand your situation, and that not everyone enjoys building a PC, realize as well, for consideration, that you may very well be paying more this way compare to building one from scratch
  6. From what I can tell, the only difference between the i5-2320 and -2400 is 100MHz. $50 for 100MHz is a bad deal.

    2GB of extra RAM for $60 is also a bad deal.

    Do something else with that money - save it, buy a better case, put it towards the PSU and video card, or get another HDD (or small SSD boot drive).

    Speaking of the PSU though, what do you plan on getting for a replacement?
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