GT240 ddr3 vs GT440ddr3

I recently brought hd 5670 but i have to return it as it is not compatible (pci 2.1).So tell me which on is better among gt 240 ddr3 and gt 440 ddr3 as i need to buy gpu which doesnt require a external power connector and which is pci 2.0
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  1. A GT 240 has fewer cuda cores but significantly better bandwidth. The 240 has a higher graphics clock and higher processor clock.

    I'd go for the 240.
    Actually, they'd be pretty close in performance. I'd go for the less expensive card in this case.
  2. Quote:
    1.) GT 240 GDDR5 version..
    2.) GT 440 GDDR5 version..

    no GDDR3.

    Hey Mal.
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    uber.... hello bruddah how you be.?

    how's the new build.?
    looking good man.!

    Sent you a PM.
  4. i dont have enough money to buy them suggest a graphic card from the 2 that i have mentioned and tell me what games can i play at 1400*900
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