Help I want to take my laptop and build a portable desktop computer

Help I want to take my laptop and build a portable desktop computer using laptop keyboard and screen, just deeper case underneath with desktop motherboard and components. I want to do this because my laptop is not upgradable... and I want to have a desktop video card and ability to change things out like a desktop. I want this to be a gaming machine and plugging it in isn't an issue. Basically to take it to like LAN parties, without having to drag my big old rig around. Is this possible? Well I'm sure it is... will take some work, but how can I do it? Any ideas?
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  1. I don't see how you can do this. A desktop video card won't fit on a laptop motherboard. What is the laptop? Without knowing the system it is hard to know if any of it is salvageable. I would think it would at least be possible to remove the CPU and HDD but you would still need to put them in a compatible desktop motherboard.
  2. Yes that's what I'm asking... I want to take all the guts out and put in all desktop components. With a deeper box on bottom. This would be a portable computer laptop/desktop to take to LAN parties and such.... Just don't want to have a big suitcase... Want to have a custom deeper bottom made to fit the laptop and put all components under keyboard. Then have the flip up laptop monitor. It is a Acer 5535 laptop. Thanks
  3. Crankin:
    There was a thread on a guy who did something similar and it was my impression that it was not worth the trouble (and he did not need to add a video card).

    I don't think you can add a video card to a laptop motherboard. You could use a desktop motherboard but you will have to find one that is compatible with your CPU. Looks like that Acer uses AMD Turion 64 or similar CPU designed specifically for laptops. The socket is listed as "S1". I don't see many desktop motherboards with this designation but here is one:

    Still, if you are going to have to get a desktop motherboard, you are probably better off building from scratch.
  4. Thanks Arisotelian... but I'm not wanting to keep anything from laptop except screen and keyboard and top board around keyboard. The rest is building a completely new box. New mobo, new video card, memory, everything. I want the power of a gaming desktop underneath the keyboard. I'm just not sure how to connect the monitor and keyboard to the new box underneath. Is this possible?

    I basically want to take top and monitor off the laptop with keyboard, and build a gaming desktop box that will connect underneath the main board and keyboard. I don't know how else to say it. What I need to know is how to get a box made like that to fit the laptop top 15.1x9.9 and how to connect keyboard and monitor to the desktop box underneath....
  5. Just want to add one more thing. I want this to be a killer gaming machine that is portable to take to LAN parties and such. Battery is not necessary. I'm going to have desktop PS and will need ac plug. Like I said a new gaming box underneath the top and keyboard and monitor on my laptop. Just a custom bottom box about 6-8 inches deep with complete desktop in there. Mobo, video card, memory, PS, Fans, ports (usb, ethernet, etc) that fits exactly to my laptop. Any input is appreciated. Mainly need to know how to get custom fit box made to fit under laptop. And connection of keyboard and monitor to the desktop computer....
  6. OK, I see what you are trying to do. No idea how to do it. Somehow you need to connect the laptop screen to a desktop motherboard and then physically mount it together. Most laptops have video-out but not video-in.
  7. blah... nobody understands what I'm trying to do... I'll have to figure it out on my own.... :pfff:
  8. It sounds craig like what you are trying to do is build the lcd screen from your laptop into the new portable case for your Lan PC. Neat idea, It should be doable and not all that tough all you really should need to do is convert over the leads to dvi and wire the power into your new power-supply.. It also sounds like you want to take your old laptop keyboard and build that into/onto your new home built case, I'm not sure, one why you would want to do this since you can get a light weight USB keyboard for like $7 and build it in without having to swap leads and figure out how to trick the motherboard into thinking that your old laptop keyboard is connected to a non compatible board.

    The other option it sort of sounds like you are considering is having someone either machine or mold a new deeper bottom that would clip to your current laptop upper, in order to do that you need to keep the ribbon cable running between the lcd control board just above your laptop keyboard to the screen intact. You then most likely have a number of leads running from there to your laptop motherboard, which to convert into something that your lcd controller understands and your new gpu can put out might be tough.
  9. Thanks guys... but I think I've already found other people doing this already. And I'm either going to get one of theirs or build my own. Below are some examples....

    I'm thinking these are more used for professional use. I might try and configure one for gaming and see about modding it for different gaming themes... like FPS, racing games, WOW (RPG). Being a graphic designer I'm sure I could come up with something. Let me know what you guys think if interested. Thanks again for feedback.

  10. Hey crank, please le tme know how your project is going, I'm trying to do the same thing, take desktop hardware and put it into a micro-atx case, install a monitor in front, make it portable, is there a way to add a portable battery pack to it too? so you can run off that when you are not plugged in to an outlet (like a laptop)?
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