First build - Looking for comments and advice

Purchase: This/next week, depending on whether the parts are available.
Budget range: 1000 - 1100 euros (1200 to 1300 with monitor)
System usage: Surfing the internet, watching movies and if all goes well coding.
Are you buying a monitor: Yes. (But, I want to buy all the parts first and see if the on-board sound works, so I'll know if I should buy a monitor I can plug headphones in.)
OS: Linux (Ubuntu 12.04, possibly)
O/C: Maybe
SLI/Crossfire: Don't think so

Anyway, here are the parts:

Intel Core i5 3570k
Asrock z77 extreme4
Kingston 8GB HyperX Genesis 1600MHz CL9 (Kit of two)
Intel 120GB SSD 330
Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black SATA III
Corsair Enthusiast Series Modular TX650M
Corsair Hydro Series H60 Liquid CPU Cooler
Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus
Logitech Desktop MK120

Do you see any compatibility issues?
Is the PSU good for the build, should I go for something with more "juice"?
Is the liquid cooling a good decision? I figure since I may be O/Cing, I might as well get it.
What do you think about the case? Is it spacious enough for my components? Should I get additional fans>
Would 1833MHz ram make a big difference? (I don't think so.)
Also, do you think I should get a Graphics Card, or are the Intel 4000 HD graphics good enough?
Any advice/suggestions in general?
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  1. You are spending way too much for just surfing and movie watching. An AMD APU will suit your needs better.
  2. Well you arent using this PC for gaming only coding, I dont really know much about coding comps needing graphics cards or not. But coding shouldnt need a water cooled system, air cooled will be able to keep your system good enough and if your "maybe" on OCing stick to air cooled if its your first time building

    i5 goes great with 1600mhz anything more then that is not needed

    HAF cases are very spacious so nothing to worry about there

    Depending if you require a graphics or no 650 psu gives more then enough room that you could drop it down to 550W
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