Seeking Sound Advice (Pun Intended)

Hey folks,

I've recently been looking into assembling a computer. I'm a music composition major, and so high fidelity sound is very important to me, as I intend to use the computer for my work. However, I'm not very well versed in the technical specifics of the hardware, so I was wondering if any of you could fill me in so I could better understand what I should be looking for.

From what I've read, it seems that the ASUS Xonar cards are particularly good, so I've been steering towards them. I recently however came upon a particularly good deal for a machine off Craigslist, but without a soundcard. What it does have is an "MSI Big Bang XPower X58 Motherboard" whose onboard sound appears to be "Creative Quantum Wave" of which I know nothing about.

If it's useful to know, I intend to route this through my sound system, which currently includes two Polk TSi400s, and four Logitech bookshelf speakers (not sure the model), and run through a Denon AVR-1912. I eventually intend to get a subwoofer and higher-end bookshelf speakers with tweeters to fill out the upper ranges. The frequency response my sound system is currently capable of, is about 34-25KHz.

Any feedback you could provide would be welcome! Thanks!
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  1. Otherwise the XFI-Titanium HD has one of the best internal dacs outhere at like 122db or something like that SNR

    Granted this Xonar has a better SNR and better dac but for 70$ more

    This ones also pretty good but the Xonars have issues sometimes is what I hear:

    Then if you want a totally different company I heard the HT eClaro are not that bad:
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