Looking for upgrade from 8500GT

Hey, i bought my rig from aldi so so long ago.. ive upgraded to the 8500GT a couple years ago and now looking to upgrade again but not sure what my power supply can handle.

Intel core 2 duo 1.8ghz E4300
2 sticks of 1gb ddr2 ram
Mobo is microstar international - MS-7255

PSU is well;

FSP Group Inc

Model- FSP300-60GTM


+3.3v-14.A +5v-18a +12v-18a
+5vsb-2.0a -12v-0.8a

+3.3v&+5v=105 Max +3.3v&+5v+12v=280 Max

I want to get the best graphics card my rig can handle so i can play day z with less lag heh. All help appreciated.
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    Get an AMD 7750 800Mhz graphics card. Your power supply can handle it & it is the best card that you can run without the need to buy a new PSU.

    Be careful not to buy 7750 900Mhz version because that requires a 6PIN PCIe connector.
  2. Thanks mate, can anyone confirm this?
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  4. Thanks alot for your help mate, much appreicated.
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