New home built computer and monitor randomly turned off

I was using my new computer today and it randomly shut off, but not only that, so did the monitor. At first I thought we lost power, but everything in the house still had power and the computer or monitor wouldn't turn back on for a few seconds like it had no power. I checked both plugs to make sure they were in there secure already. I am on the computer now and it hasn't done it again. The monitor and Computer are plugged into a surge protector, nothing else but them are plugged into it. It also wasn't the fuse in my room as everything else in my room remained on.

My question is what could have caused this and will it happen again?

other information
The surge protector is not grounded, it uses a two prong plug.
CPU is a 3570K overclocked to 4Ghz on water cooling
GPU is a GTX 670 stock clocks (no factory OC)

If you need to know anything else, please ask

Please help, this computer cost way to much for me to lose T-T

It just happened again while playing Blacklight: Retribution
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    What PSU? Rail info on that PSU?
  2. Smeg45 said:
    What PSU? Rail info on that PSU?

    Fatal1ty Modular 750w Gaming PSU. It has four 12 volt rails at 18 amps each. It is also less than a month old.

    I found out my fuse in this room only supports about 20 amps, and my GPU uses 30 amps on max load by itself. Is it possible I am tripping a breaker?

    The powerstrip that my computer was plugged into wasn't rated high enough for my computers wattage. so the power strip would overheat and shut down along with my computer and monitor.

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