Repaired bent CPU socket pins, no red light. Am I ok?

I purchased an ASUS mobo recently which had many bent pins in the LGA1155 socket upon opening. For various reasons I preferred fixing the pins instead of attempting a return of the mobo. Here are before and after pictures of the socket:

I breadboarded with the repaired CPU; fans were spinning and I got a beep. I installed all components in the case and powered up. System booted just fine and went through POST. No red CPU_LED.

Does this mean I can relax a bit and assume that my CPU is functioning?
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  1. Run a CPU stress test and if it passes you should be fine.
  2. Yah I think its fine. Plug in your drive and install windows. I deal a lot with used junk. I have systems with bent pins that i fixed as best I could, 9 out of 10 times they work fine.

    I would not remove the cpu again unless you are ready to mess with aligning the pins again.
  3. oh great picture. Any time i try to take a pic that close it comes out blurry.
  4. Thanks for your input. :) I WAS trying to install Windows, and changed my BIOS to boot from disk so I could do that. Now my system won't power up and stay on. Here is my thread regarding this issue: Link

    I started this thread about my CPU repairs to determine if the CPU can be ruled out as a possible cause of my BIOS issues detailed in that other thread.
  5. Oh, and for future reference, how do I run a CPU stress test?
  6. Theres a intel burn test and prime95 for cpu stress test, let it run about 2+ hours or the pro say 24 hours to check the system stability.
  7. And if my CPU fails it? Is there such thing as partial usability w/ CPU's or is it all or nothing?
  8. Unstable is the right Term i think?
    Btw what chip are u using?
  9. No, I meant to say usability... but I guess a better word is functionality. I was asking if partial damage on a CPU would mean partial functionality, or if it just wouldn't work at all.

    My chip is a Core i7 LGA1155.
  10. If it work and fuction for u, then its okay, this stress test is to check if ur cpu and mobo can work on 100% load, if it pass then every thing is stable functional anf of course useable

    I think my previous post make some misunderstanding xDD my bad
    And dont forget to check ur temperature when running this test.
  11. UPDATED: it seems that my happiness was short lived. After making a change to the boot order in BIOS, my computer will no longer POST on power up; instead it enters a reboot cycle. :( I guess I didn't repair the socket after all.

    Can anyone tell me how to go about getting the LGA 1155 socket replaced/repaired? I know that the service exists because I've heard people mention it on the boards... but I can't seem to find much information about it via Google. Again, NOT looking for suggestions to just replace the MoBo. Please give me any information you might know about how to get my LGA 1155 socket repaired/replaced.
  12. I dont think your issue is related to the pins. The most comon thing that happens when one of the pins is shorting on 2 contacts is that the computer powers up but does not post. No error message no boot screen no nothing. If one of the pins is not making contact normally the board will either give you a microcode error and display an unsupported CPU message, or it powers up but does not post.

    I guess it is possible that one pin is making intermitten contact that would explain why the computer works a little, some times but not always.

    If you can get to the bios, to adjust boot order then the computer is posting.

    I think if you go through this step by step you will find your problem.
  13. I have never heard of anyone replacing the socket. The time and effort involved would probablly cost a small fortune. Not to say it can't by done, I just have never seen it.
  14. Thanks for your reply bucknutty. My computer lingo is lacking, what does it mean for one pin to be shorting on two contacts? Do you mean that one pin is touching 2 contacts?

    I'm not able to get to the BIOS, my system doesn't boot up enough for anything to even show up on screen.
  15. So there no exchage warranty? Tell them this mobo only get to post for a few time before it not functioning.
  16. I doubt physical damage is covered under warranty.

    I feel that the CPU could be dying. Since you didn't remove the CPU after it started working in the first place, I guess Intermittent contact can be ruled out.It doesn't loosen up by itself.I highly doubt it will magically start working again.

    Some components work fine but suddenly die on restarts, CPU's are one of them.
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