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I Recently Install Window 8 x64 In my PC but my Motherboard ASUS P5G41C-M-LX does not have window 8 Drivers What Will I do please Help me....... :??: :??:
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  1. You might be able to use the Windows 7 64-bit drivers but with it not being directly supported it's hard to be sure.

    You can find them HERE .

    If they don't work, you may have to go to each manufacturer's site and get each of the drivers.
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    Here is some more of the drivers you might need:


    There are not alot of Windows 8 drivers for this board unfortunately. You may have to revert back to a compatible OS for this motherboard.
  3. I try to install Win7 x64 drivers but it was doesn't work and then I go its manufacture Site I does not find Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver For my OS.
  4. Integrated Intel GMA X4500 graphics. Do you not get any video with the default Windows 8 driver? it looked like ASUS had a windows 7 64 bit driver ver 8.1
    and intel had a ver 15.x driver. the driver was pretty old (2009)
    you might have to install the driver using windows 7 compatibility mode.
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