Artifacts and Nvidia Drivers problem

I'm posting here for first time not sure where this thread belongs.
Anyway here's the problem:
My PC works fine for a while like an hour or so then the Nvidia Graphics starts crashing as in screen turns black and then it returns under few seconds saying the driver recovered, eventually it becomes frequent and the display doesn't return and PC restarts.
The Nvidia control panel, EVGA OC Scanner, shows artifacts after this happens ( it doesn't before),

My system specs are:
Intel Corei3 530
4GB DDR3 kingston 1333Mhz RAM (2 Sticks)
320GB Seagate Hard Drive
Asus p7p55d-e lx
Nvidia GTX 550Ti (Nvidia 301.42)
CM GX 750 Watts PSU
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  1. Oh and heres how it started, I began copying stuff from one partition to other and when I started copying a huge folder than it started.
    Here's what I tried so far:
    Reinstall windows
    changed drivers from older to newer to older and now, newer
    reseated the card and used other 6pin rail
  2. Thanks for the reply
    The temps of the GPU are 40-50C in Idle state

    Bad GPU? but I ran 3dvantage and and that showed no error but performed as it should with 550. No I don't have any card at hand for now.
    Hmmm...heating issue ok I will remove the side panel and place a house fan nearby to see.. I will report back
  3. I was...welll it doesn't matter it was bad GPU alright, it quit working now. Blue screen errors with display glitches
  4. It's a common error, usually fixed by re-installing windows, usually not a hardware issue, but I guess in your case it is.

    What sucks is you don't have integrated graphics to use while you rma your card. Bummer.
  5. Starting off it seems I was wrong....if GPU was the problem is the problem it should have given errors today too. which I can tell is not the case, I ran Furmark burn-in test for around 1 hour, result nothing it worked fine, then I ran 3dvantage until last Feature test and still nothing.
  6. Quote:
    The issue is linked to 301.xx drivers, your card will not spool up to it's 3D clocks if the card is a factory OC model.

    Flash the card to a stock 550Ti bios, or use 295.xx drivers until new ones release.

    Gut instinct is good^^

    can you please tell me how to do this I never flashed BIOS before, never needed to, I did upgraded Intel's mobo BIOS that I had before
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