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Hello, I am looking to replace a broken power supply off my old desktop. The broken PSU is a HIPRO ATX12V 250W 20pin. My question is how to pick a replacement for it, and what should I look for? I do plan on adding more memory for it so not sure if that plays a part in getting a larger wattage power supply
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  1. try to measure the size of it please.
  2. Depends on your budget and system requirements. If you're using onboard video, you might get away with a low end unit at around 400 watts. Here's a good value and quality unit from newegg: ($25 after rebate at newegg). You can use almost any standard atx ps; only a few are specialized for smaller cases. The corsair is a good brand. Others are antec, seasonic, ocz, enermax, and xfx. Your vender should have one of these brands.
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