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Hello all I recently built a pc and my specs are in my signature , but my birthday is september 22 and I've been thinking about gettin a crucial m4 128 fb with transfer kit. I would not way to transfer all my stuff but I could just delete and then transfer all and then load the stuff I deleted back onto hdd. So my question is would this be the best choice of ssd? When it transfers my os does that mean all my files and stuff included with my os that would load fast or just boot up fast? Btw I do not have many files songs or movies like that I'm actually hoping I can get my hole os my couple files, bf3 and origin only have 1 game which is bf3 and fraps would I easily be able to do that? Thanks for your help and if I had typos in typing on phone and will update how many gb I am using on my hdd in a couple hours if you need to know

Also my budget is around 130$
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  1. Anybody?
  2. The Crucial M4 is the best bang for buck atm. What do you mean transfers OS? Transferring OS doesn't make the function of faster app and OS load times stop.
  3. I mean like people say the os is like 25gb does that mean like files and every native thing on the os or just the quick boot?
  4. Every thing, but files do not benefit from an SSD anyway. You'd use a secondary storage device for files.
  5. Ok so what files would Benifit the most from a ssd?
  6. None. Only games, OS, and apps benefit enough for it to be worth it.
  7. Ok so I'm thinking like os, bf3, real temp,speed fan, and fraps, as I get more ill prob add this should e enough storage correct ? 128gb?
  8. Real temp and Speed Fan aren't apps, but Fraps is a good thing to put.
  9. Bf3?
  10. Only games, OS, and apps benefit enough for it to be worth it.
  11. ok so im back at my computer and i see i have only 92 gb used lol, so i think if i just use the crucial m4 transfer kit and transfer it all onto the ssd and then put the files and stuff that doesn't benifit from a ssd back onto my main 500 gb hdd?
  12. also when i go into uninstall a program it seems that the bigger programs like bf3 don't show their gb amount? is there a different way to see what programs take up what space?
    thanks for all your help you have been to me
  13. Yes, just don't do too many writes to the SSD.
  14. what does this mean?
  15. Means do not transfer files from the HDD to the SSD as SSDs are mainly meant for read cycles, and too many writes slows down their performance.
  16. what im planning to do is just transfer everything onto my ssd with the crucial transfer tool and then i can just delete the stuff i don't need on my ssd and redownload it on my hdd? is this a good or bad idea?
  17. Omg, I goofed. If it is your first SSD, then a few writes shouldn't matter. I was just referring to overall.
  18. Ok so I should be fine, can't wait till my b-day right now my boot times are 40 seconds
  19. The simplest thing to do would be re-install windows on the SSD, that way there's no issue's regarding the transfer. Then after that's done just plug in your old HDD and all the old stuff should still be there. Then just move the installation site (usually in Program Files) of the programs you want onto the SSD.

    May I suggest another SSD? The Crucial M4 has amazing reliability because of its track record, but isn't the fastest out there because it been around for a while. The OCZ Vertex 4 is pretty new on the market and its trading blows for the top spot in terms of speed. Because its new on the market its reliability is unknown, but so far its been pretty reliable. Its also $5 or so cheaper than the M4 on Newegg. Just make sure to update the firmware before you put anything on it, as the update is destructive.
    OCZ Vertex 4 128GB. $115
  20. Dear man: I like ur suggestion and if I do this then how would I get my other files onto my ssd would it be drag and drop? I'm not sure but the reason I was going to go with the crucial is because of the transfer kit and how easily it is to transfer everything, would I have to reinstall all my drivers, and stuff or would I be able to drag on drop all the files or I'm guessing I wouldn't even need the drivers on my ssd, finally how wouuld I update the firmware? Thanks
  21. You will have to re-install the drivers if you install a fresh Windows the SSD. You could maybe get them out of your old Windows but I wouldn't try.

    Yep, just drag and drop the folders into the SSD.

    To update the firmware of the Vertex 4 can be done in several ways. The way I did it was connect it to a PC already running and update it through the OCZ Toolbox (can get it off the website). You can also download the new firmware onto a disk or USB, connect the drive to the computer and boot off that USB/Disc. It should then update the Vertex.

    Also make sure to do general file management. Move the user files off the SSD to the HDD, so that documents, downloads and such don't fill it all up. Being vigilant as to where programs install is important too, as nearly all of them will try too install to C drive, which is the SSD.
  22. I might do this I will be away from my computer and have bad service on my iPhone intill tommarro night, I will c this forum then
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