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Mounting points, COUGAR volant

Hey I am building a new computer with a micro atx mobo and the cougar volant atx mid tower. The case only comes with two standoffs. I mounted them where I needed but everywhere else there is a mounting spot there is a raised metal surface. Am I supposed to mount the mobo right on these? Is there something to put there. I think I am because they are the same hight as the standoffs and fit the screw, but I am worried it will mess up my board because they are metal. Thanks
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  1. Make really really sure that no part of the raised standoff is touching anything outside the 'screw zone'. A long time ago I learned that lesson the hard way after blowing 2 brand new motherboards.

    if theres any doubt insulate the standoff with some real thick plactic like the blisterpacking some products you buy from the store are encased in and you need a razor just to open LoL.
    Seriously thats what I did with that case all those years ago and it worked fine for many more upgrades.
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    When using a microATX motherboard in that Cougar Volant case you will have to use the two brass screw-in standoffs provided.

    There are no dimpled motherboard tray standoffs for the microATX motherboard screw hole locations because they would cause a short circuit when a full size ATX motherboard is mounted.

    The two brass screw-in standoffs should never be used when installing a full size ATX motherboard in that case.
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