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Ok so I have a new graphics card on the way, I had a friend helping me with this pc, but he seems preoccupied, so what I'm trying to learn is if this new graphics card AMD Radeon Sapphire 2GB PCI 2.1 will run on my motherboard|cat:19766474|prd:19766474

and my motherboard is below

I am basically doing this as a result of making my pc more game friendly, I am considering end of the year and into 2013, having a machine capable of running; Guild Wars 2, Sim City 5, Elder Scrolls Online.

I am unsure as to what power supply I should have when I acquire this card and currently have the following Mercury power supply. Most people have said it is a rubbish power supply manufacturer but somewhere Mercury is said to be ok.

any advice on this, my specification is currently:

4GB RAM(kingston), AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core processor 5200+ 2.7GHz, 1TB Hard Drive(seagate)
Nvidia GT430 Graphics card(possibly faulty) my sound card is external M-Audio Fast Track or Numark Mixtrack Pro which will be installed once im ready

any advice, I am looking to learn how to spot stuff like this I think too
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  1. well as for a PCIe 2.1 it would work on and PCIe 16x card slot, (unfortunatly i cannot view your links from my work place so im just going off generalizations).

    if you are going with a high end 2GB amd card your only possible bottleneck will be the CPU, being that it is a older dual core you may want to look into at least getting a quad phenom II and possibly going to DDR3 memory.

    other than that, you would be set for games through next year and possible even into 2014, unless game companies get stupid and just go all out with graphics engines and don't leave playing room for people with low end systems, lol.
  2. thanks the x16 slot i do have, so thats covered, the cpu i can upgrade, unfortunately i dnt think my motherboard supports DDR3 RAM so if i was going to upgrade that I might aswell build a new machine, so basically, so i wouldn't need an upgrade to my power supply at 400W?
  3. i would get a decent 500W if you dont plan on going CFX, make sure to check amp's as well on PSU 6-pin's to make sure it can handle the output, 400W would be getting too close to the max of an entire system

    i know my HD6950's max Watt usage is 300W approx on max load. I had used a cooler master 550W for the longest time for my system and it worked like a charm, you just need to make sure the amp's as well as wattage can handle the card and the rest of the system.

    if your motherboard is a AM2+ socket and supports a phenom II cpu, you can just upgrade the cpu for now and stick with the DDR2 and then just upgrade when you can, no need to rush it, you will still be able to play many of the demanding games with that new video card and a better cpu.
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