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Ulta LSP 700 PSU whines.

So I have this PSU. They say Ulta or Ultra stuff is crappy but it lasted this long (3 years), and because I was being cheap, I didn't buy a new PSU for my new build. On my old build, there was no whine, but with my new build, there's a whine, and I think it's due to the PSU, but it could be the motherboard...

Anyway, it ONLY happens when I turn off my computer. If it sleeps, it's fine. When it runs, it's fine. It only whines when I turn it off which annoying. Should I replace this PSU or further investigate to see if it might be the motherboard?
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    With the pc off I seriously doubt its the motherbd.
    Time to ante up for a new PSU.
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  3. Yeah, I think I'll do that. There are a few good deals right now anyway. Thanks!
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