Advice for budget CPU, mobo, RAM for Xmas

Hi I'd like to upgrade one of our computers to an AMD based with a quad core, 8gigs, new mobo. I haven't done an upgrade for 3-4 years so I'm out of the loop. Last time I did one was when the Phenom black editions were out so anything newer then idea.

Anyhow the computer for this particular upgrade is currently running a dual core, DDR2, asus m2n-e ballpark. The video card is a Radeon HD 5450 and we'd like to continue with that to save costs.

Ill just have to double check the PSU as it wasn't stock. I will take a suggestion for wattage though if I need a new one.

The person using this computer just plays steam games like Arma 2, Orange Box and other $10 steam games. Nothing like blackops 2.

This is an Xmas upgrade with a few hundred bucks to spend and my son wanted to spend 60-70 buck for more DDr2 ram but I suggested to add a little to it and get some new guts.

Appreciate suggestions.
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  1. We really need to know exactly which processor he is running to make a good suggestion. Ram is definitely not needed but I would suggest a graphics card as the 5450 was really intended for an home theatre pc setup.
  2. He's running athlon 64 X2 4600+, M2N-E, 2gigs of PC2-6400, Win7. Thanks. He'll have a few hundred of Xmas money to upgrade. Maybe all he needs is black edition CPU with 12800 ram or so like another computer we have. It's kinda dated although it might be still good enough.
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