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Crossfire HD6870 vs GTX670?

I am contemplating a potential upgrade for my rig however I cant find any direct comparisons when googling or anandtechs comparison charts. Right now I am running XFX HD6870 Double Dissipations in Crossfire. The card I am thinking of upgrading to would be the Asus GTX670 DirectCUII TOP after reading the great reviews it has. But I cant seem to find any hard numbers showing how much better performance the 670 would have. I tried to do indirect comparisons since a 6870 is similar to a 560 non Ti then tried to compare SLI GTX560 vs GTX670 with no definitive data. Would like to now how much of an upgrade a GTX670 would be over my current setup before spending $420 on an ASUS TOP. If I did upgrade I would move these 6870s to my brothers computer which is using SLI GTX460 and sell those off. The resolution I game at is 1920x1200

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    The biggest reason for you to upgrade would be driver problems. If you aren't having problems with your current setup, it's probably not worth the $420. You would see performance increase, but not $420 worth.

    However, I recently upgraded from a crossfire setup to a single card because I was tired of poor driver/game support (Skyrim in my case...)

    Conversely, if you were able to get some cash by selling your 460s, it might make the upgrade make more sense as well.

    Another point, at 1920x1200 with two 6870s are there any performance problems you have? You should be able to handle most things at that resolution
  2. definitely the GTX 670 it has 2 GB of memory versus the 1 GB on the 6870 crossfire... and since it would be a single card you won't have any crossfire problems compatibilities whatever's that happen on crossfire or SLI.
  3. its really more of a sidegrade fps wise.
  4. GTX670 would use less wattage and a great performer compared to the 6870 crossfire.
  5. @Forteh
    You need GTX 670 for many reasons;
    GTX 670 performs better than dual HD 6870s, and I doubt the scaling of the crossfire is great with you in all games, it's always highly recommended that you use single powerful GPu than 2 mid range cards in CF, due to scaling and driver problems.

    Also, you need more VRAM, the HD 6870s are almost a bottleneck at your current resolution, and a game like Max Payne 3 wouldn't let you turn on MSAA due to the lack of VRAM.
  6. You're always better off with one high-end card than two mid-grade cards. SLI and Crossfire is theoretically a nice thing to have on a mobo, but comparing Xfire'd 6870's to a single GTX 670, in the former case you're gonna have much higher power consumption, greater temps, increased likelihood of failure, micro-stutter, driver issues, etc, and in the latter case you're gonna get much lower power consumption, lower heat, less likelihood of failure, no micro-stutter, and in addition you get Adaptive VSync and other goodies. The only exceptions would be in cases where you want to do 4+ multi-monitor, but beyond that there's no benefit to Crossfire. Plus as other people have noted, the GTX 670 is faster single card than 6870 in Xfire.
  7. Nvidia GTX 670 is very decent card, it beat hd 7970 in most games HD 6870 CF is even good option but ONE issue you will be alway's facing which is micro-stuttering and chance's of buggy driver of AMD, HD 6870 CF couldn't beat a single GTX 670 at any cost, putting 2 card's is even great idea but first think about how much heat it will produce filling up alot of space need a decent power supply too, so avoiding all those thing's you've have a GOLDEN chance to get GTX 670.
    In last 670 is equipped with new and excellent feature's.
  8. I've been running CrossFire 6870s since BF3's launch. No problems with this infamous microstuttering issue. I can run anything maxed out @ 1080p. It's higher resolutions and Eyefinity where you'll run into issues because of the 1 GB VRAM. Unless you plan on going Eyefinity soon, get the second 6870.
  9. Is OP around? lots of people chiming in. I'd like to hear why OP is thinking about upgrading. It's a lot of money to spend if you aren't having problems.

    Objectively 670 is the obvious answer to the question which is better, CFX 6870s or GTX 670. I just don't want to suggest that OP spend a lot of money on something that won't be a big improvement
  10. A GTX 670 would trade blows with a 6870 CF config from an fps standpoint, it just depends on the game and the settings. Guru3d includes a 6870X2 (two full speed 6870 1GBs on a single board) in their reviews

    Of course at higher settings the 1GB will prove limiting and that's where the 670 wins out. Either way a single 670 is not much of an upgrade from your current setup. Unless your two 6870s are giving you low fps in game you like play that the 670 would do well in, I say wait till the next product cycle before upgrading.
  11. The games I am playing now are Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3 with great framerates and details cranked. I did notice the VRAM readout when I was adjusting MP3 details. Its playing great for me currently. I have not had any microstuttering issues or any driver/system stability issues with the crossfire setup. Thanks everyone for chiming in. I dont think I will do the 670 upgrade since I am not having any problems. Although my friend just bought a GTX670 TOP and I am a bit jelly, but not enough to spend $420. Thanks again.
  12. Quote:
    The games I am playing now are Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3 with great framerates and details cranked. I have not had any microstuttering issues or any driver/system stability issues with the crossfire setup

    Sounds like you're all set!

    Although my friend just bought a GTX670 TOP and I am a bit jelly, but not enough to spend $420.

    Good call. You can save your money, and think about an upgrade when the next generation of GPUs is out.

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