CPU usage low while gaming?

Hello, when i play flight simulator 2004 and minecraft my cpu usage is like 40-50 % but when playing 18 wheels of steel and garrys mod it's only like 12 % is this normal?


EDIT: now when I play flight simulator 2004 it shows my cpu usage only %4 :fou: :fou:
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  1. first things first. post your PC's specs.

    most games will use alot more of your video card than CPU.

    also if you are playing older games on new hardware it does not have to work the hardware as much.

    are you getting good stable / playable frame rates? if not there is likley to be a bottle neck somewhere causing your issue.
  2. my games still seem to run fine it has a amd 6310 3 gig of ram and 1.3ghz E-300

    but why would the cpu change from %50 to %4 ?

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