HP DV6 with Radeon HD 6770m

Hey all,

I bought a DV6-6B41ED just a few weeks ago.
Been experimenting with the best the graphics settings since then.
And I came accross something strange.
The DV6 series have an AMD graphics card and Intel HD graphics card.
I think most of you know you can change graphics in BIOS from Dynamic to Fixed.
I used the Fixed setting from the start, because I want to choose when to use High Performance and when not instead of tuning it for every seperate exe.
I noticed my graphics card was underperforming, only getting 14ish FPS in the Witcher 2 with lowest possible settings, and 20ish FPS with Skyrim on medium settings.
Another reason I wanted the Fixed graphics is because it allows me to overclock the GPU.
So today, I decided to switch back to Dynamic graphics, and set my games to max performance. Now, my fps in Witcher 2 is 25-30ish with medium-high settings, and Skyrim has around 35-40ish FPS with high settings.
Soooooo, I had no clue what was going on. I have the latest drivers, and I'm 100% sure I had HD 6770m enabled with high power settings in both graphics modes. Could anyone explain me why the performance is so weird? My current FPS is pretty okay to play with, but a little performance boost with overclocking would be appreciated, but that's not possible due to the Dynamic graphics mode.
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  1. never mind! I don't know how the hell I did it but I can overclock in Dynamic mode now. At first, MSI afterburner said all values were 0. Now it just displays the correct core clocks.
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