Crashing and reboot - PSU power shortage?


Hello all,

I have build a new PC, and are facing some problems.
My computer a) randomly reboots b) sometimes crashes randomly (load?)
I updated my drivers to the newest ati beta and it looks like things are better, I had just one crash (which maybe can related to a soundcard which iI installed using a win7driver). Since I can return parts till tomorow, I need to be sure that the crashes are not related to my PSU. I thought I had figured out which PSU to , but maybe it still has a shortage of power. Can you tell me if this PSU should be able to hand me enough power so I am sure this can't be the problem.

CPU: fx 6300
GPU: XFX 7770 Core
Motherboard: Asrock pro3 970
Memory: 2x 4g vengeance ddr3 1600
SSD: 128 GB samsung 830

Antac VP450

I hope you can help me out!
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  1. that psu should be fine for that setup. check temps with hwmonitor, maybe something is overheating. also run memtest 86+ to check your ram, it could be faulty.
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