Best 600w atx psu?

So, I'm looking for a 600w atx psu that is under $70. Can anyone recommend the best one in your opinion? Thanks
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  1. Hi mate not sure where you live but Corsair in my opinion are the best budget price power supplies. They're made good quality & power efficient. Check this out
  2. Choose only XFX/Seasonic/Corsair/Antec/PCP.

    As you are asking 600W and not over budget check seasonic S12II 620W or XFX 650W.

    650W is cheaper and built by seasonic. I would get that instantly !
  3. P.S. forgot to say that it would be running a GTX 650 TI
  4. The best 600W ATX PSU is probably the Corsair Builder CX600 V2.
  5. Not really ! Its not a good PSU (it delivers 480W on 12 V rail) so XFX is way better
  6. Corsair Builder CX600 V2.
  7. XfX may have 550w vs the corsair cx 600w, but it has better quality(made by seasonic), better amps.
    Same price i think between the two.
    Like prototype18 said xfx is way better.
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