Sapphire HD 6870 99% activity all the time

Hey, I got the Sapphire HD 6870 about two months back (without OC, haven't touched anything related to that), once it was installed on my system i started playing, everything went smooth until I realized a lot of noise is coming out of the system - so I thought i'dd check with the Catalyst Control Center - Apparently the GPU is at 99% activity THE WHOLE TIME, even when I write a word document, so I found the 12.6 beta drivers and thought i'dd give it a try - I installed the beta, and the GPU worked fine (0-5% activity on rest, about 70-80 activity while gaming) also - the noise completely disappeared and the temp dropped significantly - almost steady 80C on rest and 90C while gaming before the update, 40C on rest and 60 while gaming after the update - thing is, I checked in the "about" and apparently my version stayed at 12.0522 like it wasn't updated at all! also - after I turned off my computer and back on - the problem returned, I already tried updating- deleting all the drivers and re-installing and same thing happens all over again.
My question is: is this a hardware related issue and I need to go to the store that sold (and installed the GPU on my system) me the Graphics Card? Or can I resolve this with a software solution?

thanks in advance and sorry for the drilling :)
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  1. It's drivers related. I'd advice reinstalling windows because it seems like Catalyst Control Center is bugged.
  2. Could be a virus. I've heard rumors about viruses that run bitcoin on the target computer, which would result in exactly what you're seeing. Reinstalling the GPU drivers would have broken it until the computer restarted.

    Run a virus scan.
  3. I got my TV Hooked up along with a 23' monitor (the TV is connected with an HDMI and my monitor with a DVI cable) I disconnected the cable but no good - the temp dropped to 76C but the activity is still on 99%.
    And really? re-installing windows? isn't there a simpler solution?
    and what is "shutting properly" means? I close the games and they shut down - sometimes the "looking for a solution" window pops (I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate - 64 bit), but does it really matter?

    About the virus thing - I started one now, though I think my AVG would have caught the virus if it was there...
  4. Well, something is making your GPU run at 99% for sure.
  5. I agree with willard. It sounds like bitcoining or foldering could be happening and it may be a result of a virus. You should try a virus scanner (AVG and Avast are free virus scanners) and hope for the best. You may also want to check the task manager and see if there is any unwanted processes running in the background.
  6. Sunius said:
    It's drivers related. I'd advice reinstalling windows because it seems like Catalyst Control Center is bugged.

    This should only be a last ditch effort, and we definitely have not reach that point. There are many other things to try first. A reinstall can take days to go through and you often never get things back to normal.

    If you do get to a point where nothing else works, then I advise you using a backup hard drive or an old one from your previous system. Test a fresh install on a hard drive you don't care about its contents. If it works, then you might consider doing it to your primary hard drive.

    However, we still have many things to check for before we get to that.
  7. Honestly...I wouldn't complain. Almost no one gets to utilize the full potential of their graphics card. And you get a GPU accelerated version of Word?!?!!? LUCKY!!!!!!!!
  8. Considering the fact that the GPU is 99% all the time - it makes a lot of noise, it consumes more power, heats the whole system- which makes the CPU temp jump from 50 at effort to 60+ which is bad as much as i can tell, not to mention my HDD's are also getting a temp boost thanks to the 99% activity, besides - it heats and works much worse than it would when it's much cooler - it ran Metro 2033 much more smoothly after I re0installed the drivers. So it's not all candy and fun over here...
  9. First step, install AVG, Avast or some other reputable virus scanner (do not download these free quick fix scanners you see pop up all the time, many are viruses).

    2nd step, search through the task manager in the processes tab and identify a process using a lot of your system resources. Find out what it is and if it's a virus, find a solution.
  10. Also, in addition to AVG or <insert virus scanner here> run something like Malwarebytes and Super Antispyware, in case AVG or whatever missed it. Your problem sounds a lot like a bitcoin virus or another rogue program.

    Best of luck! :)
  11. Tried AVG, Super AntiSpyware - both haven't come up with anything, same goes for microsoft security essentials - for what it's worth..
    Any other ideas?
  12. Like I said before, open up the task manager and find out what process is using your GPU and do a search on it.
  13. Looks like the file rundll32.exe was the problem, closed two of these in the task manager and my GPU temp fell through the floor - 50C after one minute, and usage was narrowed down to 3% on rest - thank you!
    I read a little on Rundll32.exe but I didn't really understand the purpose of the file and whether I can delete it without worrying my PC will go bananas or I should leave it to be and close it in the task manager every time I turn on my system.
  14. That's a virus for sure. There shouldn't be any Rundll32.exe running on your computer.
  15. So I should delete any rundll32.exe's I find?

    by the way, I found anotehr rundll32- rundll32.exe.mui - is that a virus as well?
  16. Delete every single one you find, except for those that are in C:\Windows\System32/SysWOW64 folders
  17. well, I deleted few from the temp folder, but I got few left at the following locations:

    I got both rundll32.exe and rundll32.exe.mui in these locations and when I try to delete them I got an error message stating I need permission from TrustedInstaller to delete the files, problem is i never encountered this "Trusted Installer" and even when I pick the admin option it keeps sending me this error, what can I do to bypass this?

    then I got the SysWOW64 folders - I wont delete them.
  18. Do some searching and educate yourself. Doing a quick search, I found this:

    It can be harmless, but it can be a problem. It sounds like you have some sort of problem. It apparently can be used to hide spyware and viruses. Usually these sorts of problems do not just go away after a quick delete. You will likely have to investigate further.
  19. If you cannot find a way to delete those other rundll32.exe's, you might want to do a reinstall. That is what I would do personally if I thought I was infected with a virus or other nasty thing and nothing was picking it up. As stated before, though, a complete reinstall should be a last resort... (had to reinstall windows on a few of my machines this week.... /shudder)

    Just looking at my task manager, I only see one instance of rundll32.exe and thats in my SysWOW64 folder.
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