Psu advise for gpu

hello friends iam going to upgrade my gpu from 9600 gt to his 6790, iam using cooler master extreme power plus 500w and i don't have enough money to upgrade it, can my psu run 6790.

other specs are
core i5 2500k
asus p8h67 mle
kingston 1333 4 gb*2
i dvd writer samsung sh-222
one 250 gb sata
2 case fans 12 v
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  1. Yes, it will be fine.
  2. that would be fine for your system.

    throw some lights in there too and make it flashy, you will have plenty of power left
  3. looks fine to me. the 6790 isn't a particularly power hungry card.
  4. thanks gonna buy 6790 tomorrow.
  5. you're fine with that card; your system will still be under 350 watts total. but please know that your PSU isn't the greatest and pushing over 400 watts might not be a happy experience
    Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500 W Power Supply Review
  6. i havent buyed the card yet ,i have earned 70$ from an assignment , now can u please tell me that should i buy hd 6850, 6870,hd 7770 or gtx 560 with same psu , or i should go with 6790 with a new psu.probably Cm.gx 550.
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