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I am trying to get WAP over GPRS working on the VirginMobile network. My
phone is not one supplied by VM, so they are not too keen to help with
setting up my phone ('We don't supply that phone, so we don't know how to
set it up...')

My problem is, They have given me the following info as to what I need to

Name - Virgin WAP GPRS
Homepage -
IP Address -
Access Point -

This is fine, but on my phone (Nokia 6230) I don't see anywhere to put an IP
address. I do however have a 'Primary Proxy' setting for which VM have not
given me a value. Would I be right in assuming that these are different
descriptions of the same piece of config data?



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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Why don't you try to get the settings directly from Nokia's website...,6771,54008,00.html

    There select your phone model, your country and then your network. This
    should be it.

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