Samsung tv cuts off screen with hdmi

Hi i have a samsung tv, today i pluged in my hp laptop to the tv with a hdmi cable, directly i noticed that the edges was cut off and i didn't like that so i googled it, i tried to change my resolution on the computer but it did still cut off the edges and on my tv i do only have the resolutions auto wide, 16:9, zoom and 4:3, the auto wide works on the normal channels but not on hdmi, and i tried to change the lable on hdmi, but it was more like a nickname, it didn't give me the opportunity to change to auto wide or 1:1, what should i do? i've tried with two different hdmi cables and i'm tired of not seeing the whole screen.
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  1. What is your graphics card? If you have AMD, you can make adjustment under Catalyst. If nVidia, in the nVidia control panel.
  2. nVidia, i cant accses the tvs settnings trough nvidia, only my computers :c but where should i look in nvidia control panel?
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