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Case recommendation help!

I have really been wanting to make a gaming desktop. The one draw back is that I want to be able to carry my desktop time to time. Now I know what you may be thinking, "Why make a gaming desktop when you are going to carry it around?". Well I am only going to bring this to my friends house for LAN parties. I can't decide what case to go with. Please help!
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  1. Hi there, just one recommendation out of several good cases:
  2. With all the components in it how heavy do you think it will be?
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    Judging by your age and my age, I believe we should both be able to lift up that case. Its not too hard, in facts I believe it will be a bit easier with the handles. Now if your going to walk around with that case outside.........might be a bit tiring even for adults. Now for actual weight that depends on the mass of each components added to the case mass. It's obviously going to be in Kilograms...
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