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I have http://www.cdw.ca/shop/products/HP-Pavilion-Elite-HPE-140f-Core-i5-650-3.2-GHz/2107766.aspx#TS this computer right now and i want to change the video card and the case.

Heres 2 choices i have for video cards...
-GTX 560ti
(I wanna be able to play @max quality setting with games mw3 or bf3)

Will this be ok? will it keep my pc cool enough to play high end games?

recently bought a thermaltake TR2 600w (I can buy a better one if its not enough)

Is it worth upgrading it or should i just build a new pc? anytips on how i can improve my computer for better gaming? thanks!
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  1. Thethermaltake psu is junk so send it back if you can . Only use 80+ bronze or better rated psu with a feature called Active PFC . Without this they wont be 80+ efficient

    You will get decent gaming from your mb /ram and hard drive once you install a better graphics card
    Getting a decent case and psu makes sense now so that you can re-use them with different hardware when you want to do further upgrades .

    Id go with the radeon 7850 rather than the 560 ti
  2. i can still return the PSU i guess since it hasnt been a week since i bought it....what brand should i get for the psu and how much watts do i need? is the radeon 7850 at the same price as the 560ti?
  3. + 1 to psu return + I'd also return the case - everything thermlatake made since the Level 10(original) went downhill. If you're buying from newegg - look out for the fractal cases.

    You can get feel for what to look for in a PSU in the link in my sig.

    HP seem to have some proprietary parts that if messed about with - will end in doom for your entire rig. open case, take pics of innards and post back. But i vote on building a new rig by yourself with some advice from Tom's hardware members :)

    If you look up newegg.ca - you'll find out how much it'll cost.
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