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Troubleshooting a problem... maybe you guys know a fix?

Last response: in Systems
July 29, 2012 2:38:00 AM

I purchased a used Rackable 3u server on Craigslist. It's a bit dated, but he cleaned it up very well.

It has 2 Xeon 3.0ghz processors, 2gb of ram, an sata raid card with 12 slots in the front (3ware), 3 power supplies (redundant) and an 80gb IDE hard drive for the operating system. I purchased a 2tb green sata hard drive for the first slot of the raid card.

CentOS 5.7 with Cpanel & WHM is on the IDE hard drive, and the website's data is being hosted on the 2tb mounted hard drive.

I started hosting my personal websites, you know, sort of getting the system setup and ready to host more sites. Cpanel was setup, SSL certificate purchased, WHM is good to go. No errors to speak of, until...

Keeping the server on, 3 days later it starts getting "stuck". I cant ping the server, login via SSH, or press on the keyboard to wake it up. The fans are still spinning and the computer is still on. So I manually shut it off by pressing the power button, and start it back up. It does it again every 7 hours or so. So I replace the harddrive with a newer 120gb harddrive and re-install the OS and everything else (what a pain). The server stays up for 2 days, then continues getting "stuck".

Not sure how to remedy this issue. Could it be the ram? Can't be a network issue because the keyboard becomes unresponsive. Also, it shouldn't be because the 2tb sata harddrive is green, since it's only hosting the website's data files.

Any help is appreciated! :??: 
a c 136 B Homebuilt system
July 29, 2012 4:02:33 AM

I experience with your hardware or OS

but you can isolate the problem to either hardware OR software by temporarily installing another another OS .
A free linux distro probably