Sapphire 4870 x 2 pci-e slot problem

Hi All

i wonder if anyone can help with a problem i cant seem so sort out

I have rebuilt my old system into a new case. I was running

asus blitz extreme
2x Asus 3870x2 cards in crossfire
4gb corsair dominator 1600mhz ram (did have 8gb but runs better with 4)
termaltake toughpower 1475 watt psu

build went well installed fresh copy of win 7 64bit no probs
wanted to upgarde graphics cards so bought 2 sapphire HD4870 x2 cards cheap off ebay (money but tight atm due to tarting up my house).

i put both 4870x2,s in connected correct power connectors and started up. instantly 1 short beep followed by 2 longer beeps. powered down took bottom card out booted to windows fine. I then tried putting a asus U3S6 sata3 adapter card in second pci-e slot. Same thing 1 short 2 long beeps

I have tried another blitz extreme MB and swapped ram about every combination of pci-e cards boots ok including my original 3870's

as soon as i put 1 of the 4870x2 in either slot and add another card the other slot gives beeps

ps. the 6 and 8 pin power connectors are plugged in
and the pc boots into windows ( i hear start sound ) just got no screen

i looked long and hard for an answer sorry if this already been answered

thanks for any help i get
Cheers Nick
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  1. Hello,

    I think your first problem is you bought it off ebay. Did you make sure they ran correctly before you bought them? Were you given proof they work correctly?

    I looked up your motherboard manual and those beeps do not show up at all.

    However looking online - it mentions there is a problem with the video BIOS

    I'm pretty sure the GPU's you got were probably flashed wrong/OC'd too much.
  2. Hi

    both cards work fine i have tried them both. and both give good scores on benchmarks (well for there spec anyway)

    i still have the problem that i can only use 1 of them and have to leave second pci-e slot free

    i'll try flashing to newest bios (if i can find it )

    thanks for the reply
  3. Ahh ok gotcha. I didn't know they worked fine by themselves, it's just when you hook them both up? That part wasn't clear from your first post.
  4. It makes second slot give beeps no matter what card i put in it and kills video

    really very annoying checked every possible setting in Mb bios ( no settings help )

    i have read these cards have a porblem with some intel chipsets but read nothing about the p35 set on this board :heink:
  5. I think it might be your motherboards limitation.

    I checked your manual again - and it states it needs a "master" and "slave" edition crosffire graphics card. Those are one of the older types of crossfire cards.

    I cannot confirm this 100% though. Looking up more...
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