Is 5400 rpm too slow for gaming?

Is 5400 rpm too slow for gaming? Will gaming lag at all? I dont really care if I have to wait an extra couple min. for a game to load, as long as its fast after it loads. I play games like Skyrim and BF3. Thanks

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  1. hello again wingman! nah it won't lag during the game, but load scenes in skyrim etc. will take a little longer. for gaming, HDD speed doesn't matter that much IMO. I'm sure some will say otherwise, but that's what i think.
  2. Thanks again Aurgray, you've helped me out a lot!
  3. You may experience frequent stuttering during texture loads if its an open world game.
  4. You shouldnt experience lag. Load time will be longer, and games that "load as you go along"(aka, some open world game) will stutter/freeze for a second when it needs to load a new area.
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