How to select audio between two displays, AMD GPU 7850


I am new to this forum. Could any one please advice.

I have a desktop (i7) with AMD GPU 7850. motherboard is ASUS Z77 V PRO.

I have connected my monitor ASUS VK278Q via display port (mini display to display converter cable). A 2.1 speaker system is connected to the monitor it self from which it plays. This is my primary monitor.

I have connected other cable to onkyo 7.1 receiver system which is connected to my HD TV (samsung 55 8000) via HDMI cable (HDMI to HDMI cable). I use this as an extended desktop.

My question is how do i select the audio between these two displays?. Sometimes I wish to listen in big 7.1 system while watching movies, sometimes while working just use the smaller 2.1 system.

currently it is just playing in 2.1 system. Is there anything i could do with catalyst?.

please advise. Thanks.

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  1. @rolli59 - I tried that, but didn't work.

    I am thinking it is to do with the video card. How do switch between the outputs of the video card. currently I have two outputs coming out of my video card as above. 1. displayport to monitor which is attached to 2.1 system. 2. HDMI to my receiver (7.1 onkyo) which is attached to HDTV.

    please do let me know. thanks.
  2. What does device manager say about the AMD HD audio?
  3. i opened the device manager and in sound there are AMD HD audio device and Realtek HD audio. both location is 0. did you need any other info?.
    I am sorry i am novice at this. thanks.
  4. In properties does it say that the AMD is working correctly?
  5. yes both AMD and Realtek are working properly.
  6. I am guessing i could that and it would solve the problem, which would mean more cable work.

    I wondered if there was a simpler problem in AMD catalyst software. I ask cos as soon as I turn off my computer monitor (2.1 systems attached), the sound automatically goes to the 7.1 system.

    hope there is an easier solution. AMD catalyst people should think about this. as we select monitor, they should let us select sound device too.

  7. yeaaaahh....figured it out.

    In AMD catalyst control center advanced settings, select Audio on the left, then default audio device, then select the display device from the drop down list. right click and set as default audio device. viola.

    thanks everyone. much help and regards
    loving this forum.
  8. Great that you found it.
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