New HD 7750 Keyboard lag

So i just installed a new Radeon HD 7750 (great little card btw)

But now when I play games, after a few minutes they keyboard locks up, and will not send keystrokes or delay them for a few seconds, making game-play impossible.

I have heard that there is a process which logs hot-keys that can cause this lag in the Catalyst Control Center, so I disabled the "AMD External Events Utility" service, which apparently the service it uses. However this did not solve my issue.

The keyboard is still locking up in games, and I don't know what to do (note this is ONLY in games no where else) Anyone know how to fix this? :??: I really wan't to play some new games but right now I can't. :(
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  1. Anyone? I really can't figure this out, it usually happens after being in game for about 10 or so mins.
  2. Damn I am about to buy this card, hate to hear this
  3. It seems to have gone away now, It may have been another process, or something in the drivers. The card itself is still a very good card though and I would suggest it for systems with weaker power supply's.

    Edit: it's back again, seems to be pretty random. :pfff:
  4. Have you tried another usb port for your keyboard?
  5. fantastik250 said:
    Have you tried another usb port for your keyboard?

    I will when it starts acting up again, because of how inconsistent it is, if I just switch ports I won't be sure if im just lucky, or if it's a fix.
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